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I saw this uplifting video after reading about the terrifying water shortage growing across the globe and it gave me goose-bumps. Countries like China, India,Brazil and South Africa are already in a water shortage and it is estimated by the year 2030 that unless substantial changes are made to conserve water and build new supplies, there will be a […]

I am looking forward to this year’s Earth Hour 2010. Tomorrow, March 28, between 8:30PM and 9:30PM you are asked to do one simple thing – switch off your lights. Find out more about Earth Hour after the jump. 

When Google Earth launched in 2006, a revolutionary way to travel the globe had been revealed. Google Earth has made it possible for millions of people to travel the world virtually from their computer. With advancements in technology, we can now view satellite images, maps, terrain, 3D buildings, galaxies in outer space, and even the […]

It’s 4 PM, you’re sitting at your desk checking your email and watching the clock tediously tick by. Why not be an office hero and give your co-workers in the cubicle behind you something to pass their time? TheChopShop and WellDone have partnered up to design a shirt with a cause. This stylish water by numbers […]

World Water Day is today, March 22, 2010. Every year there is a different theme dedicated to this day and according to the official UN-Water website this year’s theme is water quality, reflecting it’s importance alongside quantity of the resource in water management. Water is a resource we often take for granted. Little things like […]

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