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Winner of the 2009 TED Prize, legendary ocean researcher Sylvia Earle gives a compelling presentation revealing what we’ve lost in the last 50 years and why that matters. Take a look…

Among being an influential American writer, Henry David Thoreau, was also a pioneering ecologist and conservationist. Thoreau’s observation of nature and passion to explore its relation to the human condition has been the stepping stone for many environmentalists. Thoreau looked to the future and raised new possibilities, especially in his birthplace of Concord, Mass., where […]

Water can do some pretty amazing things. Aside from being essential to all life, water makes up most of the Earth’s surface. Some popular water destinations include beaches, lakes, pools, and water parks, but there are many different ways to relax and enjoy water. You can find inspiration from a pond in your backyard to […]

I can’t wait for Water Jetpacks to become mainstream. I wish I lived on the water and could use a water jetpack as my main mode of transportation. Imagine what fun that would be. Going grocery shopping would be a challenge… but an interesting adventure at that! Check out the jetpack being used in the […]

Steve Mann, an ingeniously smart computer engineer (aka “the world’s first cyborg“) has invented an experimental musical instrument called a hydraulophone that uses pressurized water to make sound. According to Wikipedia, the instrument is played by placing the fingers in direct contact with the sound-producing hydraulic fluid, thus giving the musician a high degree of […]

A waterfall is definitely one of the many awe inspiring wonders that nature has given to our world. There are many astounding ones, but the Angel Falls in Venezuela is generally regarded as the worlds tallest. The largest waterfall is claimed by Victoria Falls as it boasts 1,708m in width and a height of 108m, […]

This is a VERY interesting video if you have a few minutes to spare. Watch as the Discovery Channel’s series ‘Time Warp’ video tapes water drops in slow motion. Kudos to the MIT scientist, teacher Jeff Lieberman, and digital-imaging expert Matt Kearney for capturing such amazing footage. The high-speed photography used turns never-before-seen wonders into […]

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