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In reality, bottled water is just water; however, that fact isn’t stopping Americans from buying it. Here are some valid reasons to switch to filtered tap water. This infographic was done by Term Life Insurance , it pretty much speaks for itself. Please share!

Living Climate Change created a platform for what IDEO calls “the biggest design challenge of our time,” inviting designers, thinks, and dreamers to imagine what life could be like in 20 or 30 years, considering all aspects of being — lifestyle, policy, economy, behavior, and everything in between. Here are two videos by By Steve […]

CBS News Anchor, Katie Couric, leads a discussion about tap vs bottled water with “Tapped” director and producer Stephanie Soechtig and Joe Doss of the International Bottle Water Association. The discussion continues… (via)

“I love Mavea!! It makes such a difference in the taste of the water we drink. Now if I drink tap water, it tastes awful. I am so glad you gave me a chance to win this otherwise I might not have ever tried it. I would recommend this to anyone. Thanks again!” ~ Kelly […]

Here’s a sweet animation video called “When Humans Ruled the Earth.”  Amazing production, although it’s sad to think how spot-on the intricate illustrations are of telling the story of our consumption habits… When Humans Ruled the Earth from Stephen Ong on Vimeo.

Water is vital to live. We all understand that, but making it a habit to drink water regularly is a common practice most of us forget to incorporate into our day routine.  The problem is, that we don’t focus on water. We end up drinking coffee, soda, energy drinks, juice, the possibilities are endless. Or […]

I drink water religiously but when I’m in the mood for something sweet, ice tea is my go-to beverage of choice.  Below is a simple recipe that’s sure to satisfy your sweet tooth and keep you refreshed on a hot summer day. Give it a try! Lets get brewing… 1. Use enough tea bags A […]

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