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In honor of National Coffee Day today, I thought it would only be appropriate to let you in on a little coffee brewing secret. The human tongue has approximately 100,000 taste buds. Each taste bud experiences four basic sensations — saltiness, sweetness sourness and bitterness. It is a highly sensitive system that takes detailed notes […]

In an attempt to lower their carbon footprint, the public water company in Paris has installed “the bubbly” — a water fountain that dispenses sparkling water. The process includes, chilling standard tap water to 42.8 to 46.4 degrees Fahrenheit and then injecting it with carbon dioxide, which results in crisp, bubbly water. According to the […]

When it comes to adding a bit of zest to dinner and drinks, a dash of the usual: salt, pepper and lemon, are my go-to staples. One substance I never would have thought to add is — WATER?! One would think the flavorless beverage would dilute, not enhance. Leave it to London bartender, Tony Conigliaro […]

Originally published at OnEarth by Jenny Shalant. The bottled water industry is feeling hurt. During the last week of one of the steamiest Julys that the U.S. has ever seen, environmental activists and lawmakers in Massachusetts rallied in front of the statehouse to urge Governor Deval Patrick to spend less money on bottled water — […]

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg announced last February that the near-addictive social networking website has plans to construct a massive data center located in Prineville, Oregon.  The center will be adorned with all of the latest energy efficient computers, but for the source of energy elected to power it, he has chosen to use the largest […]

Tavalon Tea’s sommelier, Chris Cason puts the MAVEA Elemaris to the test. Read the full review on Tavalon’s blog, The Voice of Tea.

1 – Humans need five to 13 gallons of clean water a day for basic needs. 2 – 60 percent of the world’s fresh water comes from rivers shared by at least two countries. 3 – Desalination plants produce less than 0.5 percent of the water used in the world. 4 – 90 percent of […]

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