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Underwater pumpkin carving might sound like a weird event, but it’s actually pretty common in the US. Here’s how it works… Contestants put on their diving gear and drop down to a depth of less than 30 feet, where they then attempt to carve intricate jack-o’lanters. While it may sound like a fun thing to […]

Happiness Brussels have come up with a clever idea to create limited edition prints to raise funds for the Coalition To Restore Coastal Louisiana. The posters are made using leaked BP oil harvested from the beaches and display an age old saying, “Oil and Water Do Not Mix.” All benefits go to CRCL, a non-profit […]

According to The Today Show’s list of 13 everyday ways to avoid cancer, filtering your tap water was listed as number one! First, the good news: You probably won’t get cancer. That is, if you have a healthy lifestyle. “As many as 70% of known causes of cancers are avoidable and related to lifestyle,” says […]

I admit, change is scary thing. Some of you could probably name at least one brand you’ve used since you were a child. That’s why we understand if you’re not ready to recycle your current water filtration pitcher just yet. In fact, we’ve created a special filter cartridge just for you — the MAVEA Universal […]

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Great News: As part of a growing trend worldwide, Bishop’s University in Quebec has banned bottled water on campus!! The ban was not a decision solely made by the administration. Last year, a group of students started an initiative called “Think Global, Drink Local” to draw attention to the impact bottled water has on our […]

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