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1. NoTakeOut
NoTakeOut is a great website for super easy meal planning, shopping, and cooking. It makes cooking at home so easy that take-out seems like an unhealthy hassle. You can subscribe to have a recipe sent to you daily. The ingredient lists are short, the instructions clear, and there are lots of options for going [...]

Introducing a new, greener way to grow mushrooms in your home that doesn’t require stumps of wood! California startup Back to the Roots now offers a grow-your-own mushroom garden kit that can be kept right on your windowsill.  All you have to do is moisten the garden twice a day with the provided mister, and [...]

Red dots indicate EWG’s test sites and measured hexavalent chromium concentrations in parts per billion (ppb). Size of dot reflects the level found. Brown-shaded areas represent population-adjusted average concentrations of total chromium by county, calculated from EWG’s national tap water database. Sources: EWG-commissioned testing for hexavalent chromium in tap water from 35 cities; EWG analysis [...]

A restaurant in Chile has gone from using firewood to fuel its cookers to solar energy. The Carvajal’s restaurant in Valle del Elqui, Villaseca uses 10 solar ovens to cook enough food for up to 70 customers a day. Watch below!

The ovens have been introduced as part of a program by a Chilean University and [...]

For those of you (like me) that wait to the absolute last minute to buy your holiday gifts, check out Rasa Malaysai’s simple Holiday Gift Guide for foodies.


Many people think they’re being “green” by refilling and reusing bottled water. In fact, reusing single serve plastic can be very harmful to your health. Here are three reasons why you should avoid reusing plastic:
1. The majority of water bottles are made of plastic type #1 (found in the recycling triangle at the bottom of [...]

Last Tuesday, Stephen Colbert, host of  The Colbert Report used a rather interesting way to plug Matt Damon and his organization Take a look!

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