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Nothing quenches thirst better than a tall glass of cold water on a hot day. When the sweltering summer months approach, you may be more conscious about drinking enough fluids to prevent dehydration. Staying well hydrated when it’s hot is definitely a must; however, hydration is vital to your good health year round. Why water […]

The unofficial kickoff to summer is this holiday weekend, and nothing says holiday quite like listening to good tunes with friends and family. Below is the first volume of Sound Waves, a playlist we put together which is sure to make you move and groove this holiday weekend. Enjoy everyone, and don’t forget to stay […]

Published on Aspen Daily News Online The city of Aspen is preparing to spend about $20,000 on reusable water bottles and another $9,400 on filling stations in an effort to promote the drinking of municipal tap water over the plastic-bottled variety. City of Aspen environmental health staff will make a presentation at tonight’s Aspen City […]

Our stainless steel reusable water bottle, made entirely by recyclable materials, is your perfect gym companion. Keep this durable bottle by your side and feel the benefits of feeding your body and brain with nourishing water. The Fill N Go is more than just an ordinary water bottle. Interior polishing eliminates the chance of corrosion […]

Due to capillarity, the ability to flow against gravity where liquid spontaneously rises in a narrow space, these 2-to-3-centimeter-long micro-origamis react when placed in water, slowly blossoming into intricately-cut silver lily pads. Prepare to be amazed! (via reddit)

‎ “If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.” ~ Loran Eisley, The Immense Journey (1957)

Thank you to Laurel on Health Food, a fantastic blog for nutrition and health tips for recently featuring our new, sage MAVEA Elemaris. Laurel is a writer, blogger, and certified holistic health counselor/health coach living in New York, NY. Take a look below to see what she had to say: Want to add a splash […]

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