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Hug It Forward (HIF) is an organization we are proud to support. Using discarded plastic bottles filled with non-biodegradable trash, HIF constructs “bottle schools” in rural communities across Guatemala. Using the innovative, eco-friendly “bottle school” technology, they empower communities to build schools with their own hands. The buildings are designed with Guatemala’s susceptibility to earthquakes […]

Today, the water flowing from our faucet is high-quality water. Well, some may beg to differ, especially in some areas of PA and NY where fracking has tainted the water supply. Although, across the US and Canada our water supply is considered to be top-notch compared to most areas during the 1800s. The photo to […]

The purity of a child’s willingness to explore emotions and unfiltered thoughts can evoke laughter, but it can also deepen consideration and fuel inspiration in the adults with whom these children share. Case in point, this video by the Obakki Foundation. Obakki is a high-end fashion house in Vancouver, Canada that has philanthropic components intricately […]

UK school children at Mill Lane School recycled 1,500 plastic bottles over the past 18 months in order to construct a greenhouse. After the year and a half of collecting plastic drink bottles, the pupils nailed them to the wooden greenhouse frame. Once the greenhouse was completed, they made full use of it by planting […]

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