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We’re thrilled to be a part of this year’s Eat Well Feel Well program with Joy McCarthy of Jouyous Health. Joy, who is both a Certified and Registered Nutritionist, created Toronto‚Äôs first integrated nutrition and yoga program designed to help individuals create a healthier body and mind. Her approach is not fad diets or quick […]

In South Africa, students and faculty at Stellenboch University have started the HOPE Project, and effort to create sustainable solutions to Africa’s pressing environmental issues. Obviously, one of these issues is clean drinking water, and their Water Institute recently came up with a nanotech tea bag that can filter any water into clean, drinkable water. […]

Temple University recently installed bottle refilling stations at their Main Campus and Health Science campus in North Philadelphia, part of their ongoing efforts to improve their sustainability. The EZ H2O stations, made by Emkay, feature touchless bottle filling, as well as standard fountain drinking. They offer cold, filtered water, and even have a “Green Ticker,” […]

In the efforts to help one college empower change, we are hosting a MAVEA Campus Inspirations Pitcher Giveaway!! Starting Sept. 6th, we invite all of you to nominate one lucky college in the US to win 2,500 MAVEA Water Filtration Pitchers!!! After three weeks of voting, nominations will be reviewed and the college with the […]

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