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We owe a huge thanks to our friends at Three Clever Sisters for their thorough and beautifully written review of our pitcher. Although we are bias when it comes to how great we think our water filtration systems are, it is really nice when we see other people enjoying the sleek look and legitimately beneficial […]

Did you know that you lose nearly 1 liter of water a day just through breathing? Well, drink up! Stay hydrated, stay healthy and of course, stay inspired!

Our good friends at Simply Life are featuring a giveaway–lasting until December 28th. If you’re interested in winning your very own Mavea Elemaris XL, head on over to their site and get to entering!

Over 1.5 billion people do not have access to clean, safe water. Remember, that while we’ve all been busy celebrating…there are countless people who have continued to suffer. During the coming season, remember to keep the less-fortunate in mind and try your hardest to make a difference. There are countless organizations which aim to supply needy […]

With the holidays just around the corner (really!) we would love nothing more than to hear about any inspiring holiday stories you may have. There is just something about the holidays that really makes us melt–like a certain something which has been missing has once again been found. And really, there are not many things […]

There’s still a bit of time left before the holidays are over, our bellies are stuffed full and are bank accounts, well, are scarcer than before December begun. So, make it count and get the gift that keeps on giving. The Mavea Elemaris XL is perfect fo The gardener The health nut The chef The […]

While you may not think that water has the potential to really clean anything other than skin and the like, we think you’ll be surprisingly impressed to learn that water is being used as a commercial cleaning agent and with the sole addition of salt. Now, we understand that you’re probably thinking “Water? And Salt? […]

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