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Our friends at Todays Woman share a beautiful review with their readers about our line of filters and we couldn’t help but want to thus, share with you guys! Enjoy!

The annual State of the Union address aired this past week. It was the usual show of grandeur and tradition as the President informed the nation of what his agenda would be for the upcoming year. While many things were said and promised, one thing in particular caught our attention. President Obama reaffirmed his commitment […]

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) health initiative, Rethink Your Drink, is attempting to change the way that Americans perceive the liquids that they consume. The helpful and handy online source provides a bundle of helpful weight loss tips in regards to what you’re drinking every day. So, what’s the drink that the […]

This past Saturday’s screening of “Bag It” was a huge success. Dozens of individuals came out to enjoy the company of good friends in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Of course everyone enjoyed the deliciously refreshing water, as we think you may be able to tell from the pictures below! We owe a huge thanks […]

We like to follow a few simple rules of logic.  They are as follows… Those that are inspired do great things.  Those that do great things get awarded for them. This logic was proven true once again this week at the Egyptian Theater, a renowned historical landmark in Los Angeles, California. The theater was host […]

Our good friends over at ranted and raved over our Mavea water pitcher in their recent review. Oh, and for good measure, they even threw in an exclusive giveaway, which means that one of you could very well be the proud new owner of a Mavea Elemaris quite soon. The Bragging Mommy review outlines […]

For all of you in the Philadelphia region this weekend, be sure to check out the eco-friendly event on Saturday at 5:00-11:00 at 938 S. 8th Street. The event features a screening of the award-winning film “Bag It,” which documents the various and really, quite powerful effects that plastic bags have in and on our […]

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