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Water is amazing. It seems like common knowledge by now. But have you ever seen something like this before? Markus Reugels produces fantastic water drop art that is truly awe-inspiring. Capturing colors or images of planets within the droplet, Reugels crafts pictures that are unique and fresh. Take a look at some of his work […]

The hustle and bustle of everyday life can become a bit overwhelming at times. So much so, that sometimes we just need an escape of some sort. For one man—Richie Sowa—turning those dreams into a very new reality was exactly what he felt he needed to do. A video interview featured on, tells the […]

The winners of the 2012 U.S. Water Prize have been announced! Six companies and organizations have been selected to receive this honor. Amongst them are the Philadelphia Water Department and Frito-Lay Inc. The award honors groups that are mindful of their water waste and are actively taking steps to ensure more efficient water methods be […]

A designer’s blog post recently caught our attention. Why? Maybe it was the title, “Water Inspired”. Sound familiar? Jennifer Brouwer of Jennifer Brouwer Design posted about odd ways to incorporate water into everyday designs. From bedrooms with pools in them to a fishbowl sink, the images that Jennifer has posted are definitely cool to look […]

The kids are just getting off the bus and dart towards the house. “How was school?” Your question is met with no response, as your little rascals barrel into the kitchen to feast upon the infamous after-school snack. While your own kids may already be exploring healthier options such as drinking filtered drinking water-as opposed […]

You’re just finishing an intense workout and as you go to take a swig from the water fountain, the glimmer of the vibrantly colored sports drinks catches your eye. Don’t do it!  Not only is water the best choice for your post-workout splurge, as it is calorie free and is a basic building block of […]

The annual water awareness celebration is rapidly approaching. This year’s theme is ‘The World Is Thirsty Because We Are Hungry’. The program will explore issues such as water scarcity, food quality, and how humankind will cope with continued growth in the coming decades. Visit World Water Day 2012’s website to get better acquainted with the […]

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