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Everybody around here definitely realizes the extreme value of water. But for those who may not have been enlightened yet or just want to see just how crucial of a resource water is, swing over to The Seattle Times’ site. There, The Seattle Times recently published an opinion piece about the many issues surrounding water […]

Want to teach your kids about the basics of water? Whether it’s the water cycle or water usage, the United States Geological Survey has an easy-to-use and comprehensive online guide. The site is kid friendly and attempts to convey real and accurate information while still entertaining the audience. Informative and knowledgeable, this could really be […]

Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder will be hosting an exclusive dinner at Le Belvedere mansion in Bel Air in order to raise funds and awareness for his organization which empowers and educates youth on the importance of protecting the environment and our animals. As part of the dinner, guests will get to walk away with […]

Attention Whole Foods Shoppers! Mavea will be present in the following states this Saturday and Sunday, demonstration the greatness that is Mavea: Tennessee Georgia Florida Washington Oregon California So, be sure to check in with your nearest Whole Foods store and come check us out and let us know what you think!

We are just 3 days away from Earth Day, 2012! So…in honor of the day which celebrates this wonderful world of ours… Follow us on Twitter for an opportunity to win your very own sage green Mavea Elemaris XL! We will be choosing a winner at random after the weekend so make sure you tell […]

You’ve probably never thought about taking the contents of your garbage cans and making it into art, right? No…rather the majority of us just wait for it to be picked up and added to one or more of the countless landfills sprinkled across the globe. Well, some individuals had a different idea of what and […]

Adding a plant can really bring a breathe of life into a room.  But I’d be willing to bet that many of you have seen your prized potted pal wither and die shortly after getting it (I’m looking at you, non-waterers!). Well, forget no more! Our friends at have provided an answer: Koubachi! Koubachi […]

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