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Bottled water. It’s a huge facet of the American beverage scene. Only out-shined by soda, bottled water is an environmentally-unsound way to get the water that we need to survive. A recent Men’s Health article delves into the larger issues surrounding bottled water, from its unsavory environmental impacts to its potential false advertising. Did you […]

We’ve long thought that one of the best ways to ruin a perfectly good cocktail (or any drink, for that matter) would be to use non-filtered ice cubes. For one, just look at the difference between filtered (left) and non-filtered (right) ice cubes above! The difference is really amazing. For the most optimal ice cube, […]

We try to do the best we can to live the healthiest life — for both our families and ourselves. We try to choose the best foods, we wear our seat belts, and we even floss (most days.) But what about the thing we use the most: water? The water that comes out of our […]

If you’re feeling down or just in a bad mood, Journal of Nutrition suggests that even mild dehydration can dampen your spirits. Researchers have tested people’s moods at different periods of exercise and hydration and found that more they were dehydrated, less happy they were. There are also other health benefits to drinking at least […]

Good food is made great by adding one simple ingredient: good, clean water. Using Mavea-filtered water as a serious cooking ingredient seems only natural, as great water makes for great, healthy meals. Want to taste yourself? Follow this easy recipe for vegan mushroom risotto from Kelly White Phillips of Living on the Vedge, and let […]

Nayer Kazemi believes “Water is Life”. So she designs sculptures and fountains celebrating water. Her unique and modern wall fountains and sculptures bring nature, life, and serenity to any environment.

It is too nice out today to ignore the fact that we desperately want to drink this with each and every meal. So delicious.

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