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Warren Bobrow just whipped up another amazing mixer using Mavea-filtered water and we can barely type this post right now because we want to head into the kitchen to start building this beautiful drink! Join us and click over to Foodista to get Warren’s full recipe.

You just worked out. You’re sweating and parched. Instead of reaching for a bottled sports drink that offers synthetic ingredients, often with artificial sweeteners, colors and natural flavors (code for highly processed stuff the government doesn’t regulate,) reach for water! But not just any water — all-natural, deliciously refreshing Mavea-filter, ginger, lemon and thyme water. […]

Tomorrow’s the first official day of summer (if you didn’t know,) so why not celebrate it with some classic, home-made lemonade, and cool yourself off in the process! The trick your neighbors haven’t figured out yet? Use Mavea-filtered water to make your lemonade especially delicious! How? Mavea gets rid of chlorine and other toxins that […]

Did you know that the natural tastes and aromas that make iced coffee so good can develop far better when brewed with Mavea-filtered water? Why? Because Mavea filters out the chlorine that’s present in tap water, which affects its taste and smell! So enjoy a full bodied, and full flavored cup of iced coffee this […]

The history of water filtration is indelibly tied to the history of water, itself. As human industry has grown and water has become more contaminated, water filtration has emerged over the centuries in response to the growing recognition of the need for pure, clean water to drink and the realization that such water does not […]

Turns out, waiting in line for your morning coffee isn’t just annoying, it’s not even helping you wake up! Did you know that water actually leads to increased energy levels? In fact, the most common cause of daytime fatigue is mild dehydration, which your daily dose of coffee does more to hurt than to help. […]

Our friends at Wee Share have posted a terrific review and giveaway. Check it out and enter to win!

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