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This might be the easiest thing you’ve ever done to win anything… Just follow us at @InspiredWater on Twitter, and we’ll give the 2,000th follower a Mavea Water Pitcher! (Winner picks the color, by the way!) Simple as that… So, what are you waiting for?

And now, for a the ultimate start-of-the-week, sit-back-and-relax cocktail, we bring you the Davy Jones’ Locker, a beer-inspired cocktail by mixologist extraordinaire, Warren Bobrow. A refreshing, bold and effervescent, the Davy Jones’ Locker drips onto your tongue and fizzes away — slaking your thirst and stimulating sips and splashes of citrus flavors, some metallic and […]

-Filtered water from the tap is better tasting and better smelling than unfiltered water. Many people don’t drink enough water because they just don’t like the taste and/or smell of it. Filtering your water can help you get the amount of water you really need. -Filters remove chlorine, chlorine byproducts, and lead from tap water, […]

Last week it was reported that an iceberg twice the size of Manhattan tore off one of Greenland’s largest glaciers. This, of course, another illustration of the recent, dramatic changes to global climate. It’s reading headlines like these that often leave me feeling helpless. What can I, one person, really do to help positively impact […]

As summer wears on and temperatures remain stubbornly high, mixologist Warren Bobrow offers his refreshing “From Russia with Love” cocktail to combat the heat, or at least distract you from it. From Russia With Love Cocktail Ingredients (for 2 very strong cocktails): 2 shots of Etalon Vodka 4 turns of a pepper mill 1 small […]

From childhood we learned that the best remedy for a scorching summer day was a dip in the pool, a run through the sprinkler, or a cool delight to quench dehydration. While not much has changed, we now know that we don’t want the same water from a pool or hose making up the bulk […]

Our friend, and the aptly titled “cocktail whisperer,” Warren Bobrow, has just sent over the most delicious sounding recipe for one blisteringly strong gin cocktail, which, among a number of other fine ingredients, requires the use of Mavea-filtered water to make lime zest infused ice! Check out Warren’s full blog post HERE, and try the […]

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