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“From the driest deserts to the deepest seas, the flow of water shapes our world. Cool off from the summer heat with these nine talks that explore our intimate relationship with water.” –TED Talks Seriously, stop what ever you’re doing right now, whip up some Mavea-filtered lemonade, and check out these 9 fantastic talks about […]

Last week it was reported that an iceberg twice the size of Manhattan tore off one of Greenland’s largest glaciers. This, of course, another illustration of the recent, dramatic changes to global climate. It’s reading headlines like these that often leave me feeling helpless. What can I, one person, really do to help positively impact […]

World Water Day may have come and gone, but we’re still excited about any cool WWD news! Take this for instance. Jeff Opperman of The Nature Conservancy has made his own list of fun, groovy river songs to commemorate the annual event in his own way. Opperman’s musical selections allow him to highlight environmental issues […]

Let’s inspire change! The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a clean water initiative called ‘Adopt Your Watershed’. The online EPA website allows you to not only discover what watershed, defined by the EPA’s website as, “the area that drains to a common waterway, such as a stream, lake, estuary, wetland, aquifer, or even […]

Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder will be hosting an exclusive dinner at Le Belvedere mansion in Bel Air in order to raise funds and awareness for his organization which empowers and educates youth on the importance of protecting the environment and our animals. As part of the dinner, guests will get to walk away with […]

The annual water awareness celebration is rapidly approaching. This year’s theme is ‘The World Is Thirsty Because We Are Hungry’. The program will explore issues such as water scarcity, food quality, and how humankind will cope with continued growth in the coming decades. Visit World Water Day 2012’s website to get better acquainted with the […]

Rubicon Property, a social entrepreneurial real estate firm in NYC, has announced its ‘Get Dirty’ campaign leading up to World Water Day on March 22. The campaign urges people to snap a picture of dirty water, whether in a bottle or glass, and share it via social media. MarketWatch reports on the firm’s activities and […]

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