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Nayer Kazemi believes “Water is Life”. So she designs sculptures and fountains celebrating water. Her unique and modern wall fountains and sculptures bring nature, life, and serenity to any environment.

Have you ever built a snowman? We’re sure you have. Well, that’s child’s play compared to what the people competing in Snow Days Chicago whipped up this past season. Snow Days Chicago, located at the city’s Navy Pier, is a competitive ice-sculpting event in which teams of professionals come to create amazing works of art. […]

That’s right. Water has now become now a driving force in high fashion. Well, at least for this past season’s Versace showing on the runways of Milan Fashion Week. Versace showcased a line that has been directly inspired by water. The catwalk was strewn with water and water noises played in the background.

Water is amazing. It seems like common knowledge by now. But have you ever seen something like this before? Markus Reugels produces fantastic water drop art that is truly awe-inspiring. Capturing colors or images of planets within the droplet, Reugels crafts pictures that are unique and fresh. Take a look at some of his work […]

A designer’s blog post recently caught our attention. Why? Maybe it was the title, “Water Inspired”. Sound familiar? Jennifer Brouwer of Jennifer Brouwer Design posted about odd ways to incorporate water into everyday designs. From bedrooms with pools in them to a fishbowl sink, the images that Jennifer has posted are definitely cool to look […]

LiveScience has posted a fantastic series of water art through their Twitter page. The dazzling pictures are truly wonderful. The artwork is credited to a Markus Reugals, a German artist. This form of art is really taking off and we couldn’t be happier about it! I wonder if the water is filtered….. Take a peek […]

After coming across the Mind As Water project, we couldn’t help but want to immediately get in touch with the man behind it all–Neil Cowley. Since having done so, we felt the need to share his thoughts and processes with all of you, as  they are beyond inspiring. And his work, well it’s beautiful–from the […]

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