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Because you love them, and you want them to have the best – and because you can’t get them a sweater every year!

Our friends at Wee Share have posted a terrific review and giveaway. Check it out and enter to win!

It’s summer! This means toasty weather, cool beverages, and surrounding yourself around more water. To celebrate the fun in the sun season, here are some best beaches around the world featured by National Geographic. Seychelles – Being one of the 115 islands of the Indian Ocean, the island of La Digue is one of the […]

Nayer Kazemi believes “Water is Life”. So she designs sculptures and fountains celebrating water. Her unique and modern wall fountains and sculptures bring nature, life, and serenity to any environment.

It is too nice out today to ignore the fact that we desperately want to drink this with each and every meal. So delicious.

The fine people over at GOOD have posted this tell-all chart. It deals with water and some basic international facts that truly hit home. It’s easy to read and simple to comprehend the stark facts it contains. Check it out and see what strikes you most. Comment us your thoughts!

Many have heard this before and written it off as a workout myth that dieters try to see quick results. However, this tidbit is indeed based in truth. The trick of this dieting tip is that ice water, when ingested, gets warmed up by your body. This burns calories by heating the water up. While […]

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