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Turns out, waiting in line for your morning coffee isn’t just annoying, it’s not even helping you wake up! Did you know that water actually leads to increased energy levels? In fact, the most common cause of daytime fatigue is mild dehydration, which your daily dose of coffee does more to hurt than to help. […]

It’s summer! This means toasty weather, cool beverages, and surrounding yourself around more water. To celebrate the fun in the sun season, here are some best beaches around the world featured by National Geographic. Seychelles – Being one of the 115 islands of the Indian Ocean, the island of La Digue is one of the […]

It is too nice out today to ignore the fact that we desperately want to drink this with each and every meal. So delicious.

Many have heard this before and written it off as a workout myth that dieters try to see quick results. However, this tidbit is indeed based in truth. The trick of this dieting tip is that ice water, when ingested, gets warmed up by your body. This burns calories by heating the water up. While […]

Everybody around here definitely realizes the extreme value of water. But for those who may not have been enlightened yet or just want to see just how crucial of a resource water is, swing over to The Seattle Times’ site. There, The Seattle Times recently published an opinion piece about the many issues surrounding water […]

Another inspirational tale has come about in the form of one woman looking to get fit and change her life for the better: Nancy Klinger. Klinger was a participant in the CNN FitNation Triathlon Challenge, a competition that the new network has constructed to promote a healthy lifestyle and allow those who may have fallen […]

We wanted to pose this question and then present you with this—a look into just how much water is needed to produce the food that keeps us alive and happy. Although we tend to neglect how the things we consume actually get to us, we owe a lot of it to water. Between things like […]

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