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Picky eaters and less-discerning eaters alike, rejoice! Check out a chance to win your very own Mavea Elemaris from Mavea and one of our favorite blogs, The Picky Eater! Check out their post for more details and get to entering!

When’s the last time you won something? Feels like every now and again, we all fall hard on our luck. Well, we’re hoping that we can change that. We’ve teamed up with our friends at It’s My Life and after a beautiful review of our Elemaris XL, we’ve both decided, it’s time to give you […]

So, our friends over at Deal Finder Dad certainly impressed us with their review of the Elemaris XL. While we know that our products make for better water, thus making for better food and drink, it is always impressive when we see others spreading the word. Check out the review and enter to win their […]

So happy that our friends over at Mom in Work PJ’s love the Mavea Elemaris XL and that it was put to good use. What’s also nice, is they are offering one up via giveaway on their site so that you guys and gals have the opportunity to score on of your very own. Awesome, […]

We are so thrilled about County Living Product Review‘s wonderful review of our Elemaris. We pride our products in all of the bonuses mentioned in Krysti’s review and are thrilled that they are just as outstanding to others as they are to us: style, convenience and practicality is what it’s all about!

“I try to encourage my family to drink lots of water because my kids tend to get headaches and feel bad if they don’t get enough water. The water from my faucet is horrible! It smells like chemicals and has a not so clean taste to it. The Elemaris Water Filtration Pitcher from Mavea helps […]

Our friends at Todays Woman share a beautiful review with their readers about our line of filters and we couldn’t help but want to thus, share with you guys! Enjoy!

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