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Bottled water. It’s a huge facet of the American beverage scene. Only out-shined by soda, bottled water is an environmentally-unsound way to get the water that we need to survive. A recent Men’s Health article delves into the larger issues surrounding bottled water, from its unsavory environmental impacts to its potential false advertising. Did you […]

Grossed out? You have good reason to be. Drinking waste water used in toilets doesn’t sound sanitary, but increasing water scarcity and other water-related issues have led some researchers to begin hunting for other viable options for drinking water. While this may sound farfetched, and the article that serves as inspiration for this post provides […]

We are just 3 days away from Earth Day, 2012! So…in honor of the day which celebrates this wonderful world of ours… Follow us on Twitter for an opportunity to win your very own sage green Mavea Elemaris XL! We will be choosing a winner at random after the weekend so make sure you tell […]

You’ve probably never thought about taking the contents of your garbage cans and making it into art, right? No…rather the majority of us just wait for it to be picked up and added to one or more of the countless landfills sprinkled across the globe. Well, some individuals had a different idea of what and […]

We wanted to pose this question and then present you with this—a look into just how much water is needed to produce the food that keeps us alive and happy. Although we tend to neglect how the things we consume actually get to us, we owe a lot of it to water. Between things like […]

The hustle and bustle of everyday life can become a bit overwhelming at times. So much so, that sometimes we just need an escape of some sort. For one man—Richie Sowa—turning those dreams into a very new reality was exactly what he felt he needed to do. A video interview featured on, tells the […]

Rubicon Property, a social entrepreneurial real estate firm in NYC, has announced its ‘Get Dirty’ campaign leading up to World Water Day on March 22. The campaign urges people to snap a picture of dirty water, whether in a bottle or glass, and share it via social media. MarketWatch reports on the firm’s activities and […]

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